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Designing with murals brings elements together, creates impact and transforms your space.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Oconomowoc Public Library

IWow! What a way to end 2016. I was honored to have my design chosen to grace the entrance walls of my hometown library. Painting publicly for just over two weeks was a rewarding experience. Many of the library visitors stopped, watched and asked questions about my process, coming back several times a week just to see the progress I made. I enjoyed sharing my experience as an artist.
Watch for a live video of my painting process.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Animals in Our Midst

Diligently working on the next exhibition "Animals in Our Midst". Capturing the impact that animals have in our lives. Exhibit runs July 16-September 17, 2016 at the Oconomowoc Atts Center.

Murals are transformative!

Murals can bring elements of a room together. Creating a cohesiveness with the furniture, accentuating the shape of a room, setting the tone and ambience. Check out these terrific examples.

Then call me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Works in progress...

A sneak peak at murals 2 and 3...

Here's Summit Elementary Schools mural hung in the cafeteria.  Over 400 kids worked on this mural depicting animals, places and our landscape! What a terrific collaboration! Artist in Resident at Summit School.

Silver Lake Intermediate School Artist In Resident

Honored to have been asked to lead this mural project honoring the poem of Courtney Bella made possible by the "Imagine A Day" foundation. This 5 panel mural will be part of the new outdoor theatre at Silver Lake School. Follow our progress!

Here's the 1st of 5. We approached the first mural by exploring the design and meditative qualities of Zentangle along with The Pop artist Jim Dine. What a cool combination for the kids to work with. The children came up with this spectacular piece which measures 7 ft x 7ft!

Courtney was in 4th grade when she wrote this. The first stanza is:

Imagine a day ...
When the beating of your heart
And your voice
Is all you hear.